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sandplay therapy

Jennifer Axinn-Weiss, MFA, C.HT
Sandplay and Expressive Art Specialist

845-876-8828, cell 845-242-7580

Addressing Children's Emotional & Behavioral Issues
through Sandplay & Expressive Art

Children process life's challenging experiences through imaginative, symbolic play. Creating a sandplay world in the presence of a trained facilitator provides a safe way for children to express emotions that may feel overwhelming to them. Depending on the circumstance, observed changes can range from reduced anxiety, greater confidence, improved neurological and social functioning, to improved feelings of well being. These can be observed over time or after a few sessions, depending on the child.

A child's behavioral difficulties are often an indicator that something deeper may need to be addressed. In other words, Unprocessed emotions can be the root cause of behavioral issues. Through the process of sandplay and creative expression, children are given the opportunity to unravel the sources of their anxiety, anger or other pent up emotions. Expressing themselves non-verbally helps children to articulate their experience in a way that is natural and developmentally appropriate. When a therapist understands the symbolic language of a child's creative play the child is heard and empathized with on a very deep level.


Who is Jennifer?

JenniferJennifer Axinn-Weiss has been working with children in a variety of capacities for over 20 years. From serving as a behavioral strategist to designing and implementing arts programming, Jennifer uses her sensitivity and expertise to support children from different populations with variety of emotional and behavioral issues.

A Master of Fine Arts, Graduate Fellow and Magna cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University, Jennifer has training in diagnostic Art Therapy from UC Berkeley, and Dynamic Play Training through Metamorfos Institute in Kingston, with Dennis McCarthy. Further trainings include monthly sandplay colloquia with Roz Winter, faculty of the Jung Foundation in NYC, Union Institute, with a specialization in Trauma Studies, and Saybrook Graduate school. Jennifer provides Arts Programming to Vassar Brothers Hospital pediatric ward on behalf of Mill St Loft, Arts for Healing.

As a certified Hypnotherapist, Jennifer has clinical experience working both individually and in groups and was at the Oakland center for Hypnotherapy in 1997.

Jennifer was selected as Artist in Residence at Omega Institute, facilitating Sandplay & Expressive Arts in her Art processes there. She has exhibited and sold her art widely since 1980 and has had an art studio and private practice in Rhinebeck since 2003.

In Jennifer's words.

"When I was eight years old, I had the good fortune to have my mother bring me to an Art Therapist. This experience provided me with the tools to change my life. Working with an art therapist gave me an incredible experience that I have wanted to share with children ever since. The experience has given me the sensitivity to understand the language of children. I relate to children by meeting them where they are. When I am with them I feel a natural understanding of their circumstance. It is my hope that they feel safe in knowing I am truly present with them, and they have a space where they can express what they may feel is too big for them to hold alone."

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